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Leon Leyson, Holocaust Survivir

First Friday Friars features a different speaker at each meeting to coincide with the months theme, such as Sports Day or Military Day

Leon Leyson is the youngest survivor of Schindler’s List.  For almost five decades, Leon never said much about the horrors of the Holocaust or the salvation of being one of Schindler’s Jews. The film Schindler’s list changed everything. Overnight there was great interest in the subject – people were eager to hear from someone who had actually been there with Oscar Schindler. For the first time,

Leon found himself talking about and sharing a part of his life that he had locked inside for so long.


Holocaust survivor, Leib Lejzon - today Leon Leyson - was 13 years old when his father brought him to work in Oscar Schindler’s enamelware factory. After World War II, Leon spent three years in a displaced persons camp near Frankfurt Am Main in Germany. He came to the U.S. in 1949 and served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War.  Afterward, he attended Los Angeles City College and LA State College and became a teacher.  He taught industrial arts at Huntington Park High School for 39 years and died in 2013.

Father Kevin Sweeney, Commander, US Navy

Chaplain, Camp Pendleton, CA


Click here for a link to the November 2009 issue of the Knights of Columbus “Columbia” magazine featuring 

A Priests Sacrifice for God & Country

The June meeting turned out to be superb.

Mass on the 13th floor of the Tower Building at Christ Cathedral was REALLY SPECIAL.

Father Spitzer was the celebrant and had a great homily on Pentecost and why that we now have 30,000 Christian denominations after less that 500 years following Martin Luther’s disruption that was foretold in Acts. Singing parts in Latin added to its specialness and the view of all of Orange County was spectacular.


I strongly recommend that everyone see the Sisteen Chapel Exhibit.  If you are going to Rome to see the real one you will really enjoy knowing more about the paintings in the room.  Watching the 22 minute video of the construction of the artwork at the start of the tour exhibit is strongly recommended.

By Tony Paukstis with edits by Tony Provost